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Name: Rent
Creator: Jonathan Larson
Date(s): 1996 (off-Broadway, Broadway); 2005 (film)
Medium: musical theater, film
Country of Origin:
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Rent (or sometimes RENT) has won four Tony Awards, six Drama Desk Awards, one Pulitzer Prize, and the hearts of millions of theater-goers all over the world. It ran for 12 years on Broadway and has toured pretty much continually since its opening. It was also adapted into a film in 2005.


Fans of the show are often called Rentheads. They see the show as often as they can, wherever they can, and like to share stories of their experiences at the show and of meeting the cast. While the show was on Broadway, a number of front-row tickets would be sold day-of for $20. Fans would camp out for hours - sometimes overnight - in hopes of obtaining one of these tickets. As this was a new phenomenon for Broadway at the time, it attracted media attention.[1][2][3]


A fan who was a member of a Rent mailing list and met up with other fans to attend Broadway shows was revealed to be faking a terminal illness for attention and sympathy from fellow Rentheads as well as the Broadway cast members.[4][5]

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