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Title: RAW: a Hannibal/Will fanthology
Publisher: Bad Influence Press
Editor(s): Aimee Fleck, Tea Fougner
Date(s): 2015, planned publication date May 2016
Medium: print, PDF
Size: 8.5x11 inches
Fandom: Hannibal
External Links: Kickstarter, Archived version; tumblr page
mock-up of the book from the Kickstarter page
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list of some of the awards offered to backers at the Kickstarter page

RAW is a Hannibal/Will anthology fanzine of fiction and art. The project was funded through a Kickstarter campaign which raised over $97,000, well above the targeted amount of $16,000.[1]

See the 2016 interview Gold Foil and Bad Influences -- Aimee Fleck.

From the Kickstarter Page

RAW is a labor of cannibal love created by 50 writers and artists:

emungere, coloredink, Elizabeth B,., Louise Lux, Fahye colonel_bastard, wildehack, disenchanted, verdenal, reapersun fydbac, Kat Verhoeven, queenstardust, Rose, TheDivineStarling Clare DeZutti, Paperflower, Llewellyn, Janet Sung, Sam Emilyann Cummings, Lindsay Ishihiro, Jeremia, Sonia Liao B-Rex, E.L., Jess Schultz, Dani, DandyBee, Loshka, Corinne Stein juanjoltaire, simrell, Annie Estrada, Zolshii, Sakari Singh, Alex Taki feredir, mycolour, Monica, Mmmerche, strangehats, Jenny Ghetti Kaitlin Wadley, Beverly Arce http://trimcoast.tumblr.com/, SJ Miller, Ariana, Tess O.

Aimee Fleck (organizer/editor), Tea Fougner (editor)

COVER ART by Llewellyn
BOOK DESIGN by Aimee Fleck
POSTER ART by Loshka / LETTERING by Aimee Fleck
STICKERS by simrell, E. L., Loshka, Zolshii, & Clare DeZutti
MINI-PRINTS by S.J. Miller, B-Rex, Jess Schultz, queenstardust, & strangehats


The zine was the subject of a DailyDot article[2], an Oystermag.com article[3], a Vulture article[4] and article of The A.V. Club[5]. Once of the show's creators favorably tweeted about the artbook.[6]

Later, a Fundraiser and Reaction to the 2016 US Presidential Election Outcome

Hello, friends & fans of RAW: A Hannibal/Will Fanthology. It has officially been a year since our Kickstarter funded, which remains one of the most unbelievable experiences of my life. A lot can happen in a year. A lot can happen in two weeks, even. And that’s what I’m here for right now. After the US election, less than two weeks ago, the first thing that came to my mind was what resources I had to offer in defense of my country. It’s not a lot– I have a couch, I have my art, I have a loud mouth and a general unwillingness to shut up… and also, I have a storage unit with a few boxes of copies of RAW left in it.

To get to the point: the leftover copies of RAW and the PDF edition are now available for sale, and 100% of the money raised will go to the ACLU. [7]


[Please add additional comments from fans and from other sources.]

"My roommate will never leave her room if this thing comes out."[8]

"The amount of secondhand embarrassment I'm currently experiencing is crippling. I can't believe I live in a world where people will pay money to read fan fiction they can get for free on Archive Of Our Own. It's mind boggling."[9]

"you don't own this shit, you shouldn't ask for money for it. Lots of authors etc don't mind people making fan stuff provided they don't sell it, cos they realise you can't stop people doing it so you might as well let them get on with it. But them profiting from it is a different thing. I'm kind of surprised they don't have NBC lawyers after them, even if it says it's not for profit. They're still asking for money. I know, Kenneth Goldsmith blah blah, no one "owns" anything any more, blah blah, intellectual property is some old-fashioned capitalist bullshit etc, and I get all of that, but I sort of think it undermines the creators of the fanart and everything they're supposed to be doing it for, if they start asking for money for it. That's the point where I personally think, come the fuck on, do something of your own. It takes no effort to imagine Will fucking Hannibal. It takes some effort to draw it, or write some lazy porn about it (the extracts on the KS page aren't exactly brilliant), but you shouldn't expect reward for doing so unless Bryan Fuller or Thomas Harris has commissioned you to do it. I personally don't have any clue why you'd want to draw it, but if you do, whatever. Selling it, though - no, that's awful."[10]

"I can't speak for everyone, but a lot of it has to do with the lack of m/m and f/f relationships depicted in a canonical way, even though there are a lot of them on TV especially that are teased to the audience. People make the leap of logic and fill in what showrunners underscore and/or they simply prefer the idea of a non-heterosexual relationship between characters who have strong bonds with one another. For instance, Agent Carter coded Peggy and Angie's friendship in a way that made me think, "Those two are definitely not 'just friends.'" I thought it would be fun to explore, so I wrote a few short fanfictions about them..."[11]

"I....might donate to this. And the fact that I have no idea what percentage of it would be ironic donation and what percentage would be I seriously want to own that shit donation.""[12]


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