RA9: Charity Zine

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Title: RA9: Charity Zine
Editor(s): yruslex, syurreal
Type: Art & comics
Date(s): 2019
Medium: Print and digital
Fandom: Detroit: Become Human
External Links: https://ra9zine.tumblr.com/
RA9 charity zine.png
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RA9: Charity Zine is a Detroit: Become Human artzine.

After production costs and shipping costs, profits were donated to a suicide prevention charity called Gunnar's Purpose.[1] The total donation was USD $3909.21.[2]

In December 2018, Matt Vladimery, the voice actor for Ralph in DBH, posted the zine cover image on his Instagram, saying "Thank you so much @daianpan @yarrystyleeza @clippythehacker for this great work. I'm sure I can speak for all of us in saying we really appreciate it."[3]

A sister zine, Now Playing was sold bundled with the RA9 zine.

Contributing artists

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