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Title: Quest (may have been titled "Quest II")
Publisher: the Leonard Nimoy fan club out of Alabama/North Carolina
Editor(s): Sandra Keel, then Sharon Moody
Type: news, photos
Date(s): 1982-?
Frequency: perhaps every two months
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Quest (possibly "Quest II") is a Leonard Nimoy fan club newsletter.

It is a sister zine to The Leonard Nimoy Club Newsletter.

Issue 1

Issue 2

Quest 2 was published in 1983 and contains 10 pages.

Issue 3

Quest 3 was published in April/May 1983 and contains 9 pages. It includes some pen pal requests, an extensive description of Nimoy's presentation in the "Kent lecture series" (where he answered questions, kissed women on the cheek, and read poetry), some photos, and a short poem by Nimoy.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

Nice pics, penpals, news reports, poetry from Nimoy (very interesting report on the Kent Lecture series. Short but interesting). [1]

Issue 9 (v.2 n.9)

Quest 11 was published in May/June 1984 and contains 14 pages.

Issue 10

Issue 11

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 11

Good issue for this time of the year. Cover features end-of-filming party cake. Looks as good as ours. Mr. Spot and Garfield send Season's Greetings plus wishes from all those involved with the star unveiling ceremony. [2]


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