Puzzle Pieces

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Title: Puzzle Pieces
Author(s): Lady Ra
Date(s): 2009
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Sentinel/Stargate SG-1
External Links: online here, also AO3?

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Puzzle Pieces is a Sentinel/Stargate SG-1 story by Lady Ra.

It was published in Dyad #24 and is online.

Reactions and Reviews

This story involves two universes. In universe A, Jack and Blair have both died; in universe B, a universe where sentinels are known about, Daniel and Jim have died. Jack and Blair (who works for SGC in universe B) find a way to get into A...

Although the development seems at first sight a little far-fetched, it does use Stargate canon.

Lady Ra has been recced here several times, and rightly so. This is another of her many successes. Basically she takes some aspect of each character and develops them according to those aspects, making two completely different, yet recogniseable, Jims, Blairs, Jacks and Daniels.[1]
I don't care for death stories. So, considering how much death Lady Ra hands us, and right at the very beginning, I was amazed at how much I liked this story.[2]
I'm not fond of death stories in general either, though I'll read them (once I've glanced at the end to make sure the story has gone in a direction I can accept) and there are one or two I've found to be very effective. There are exceptions to every rule; I've even come across one or two Mpreg stories that work, though that's one theme where I simply can't suspend disbelief.[3]


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