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Name: probodie
Type: fan writer, moderator, icon maker
Fandoms: Professionals, Stargate Atlantis, Enterprise
Communities: Professionals Find a Fic/Icon/Pic/Whatever, Archived version
URL: LJ Mobile Ghetto, Archived version
professionals LJ icon used by probodie
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This Never Far Apart Pros icon won an award

Probodie was a Professionals fan who founded the Livejournal community prosfinder on 18th June 2007. She also wrote Profs fan fiction in both Professionals and Stargate Atlantis. Her LJ icons won several awards. She passed in June 2015.




"She has always been such a cheerful, enthusiastic part of our fandom."[1]
" I'm so grateful that I was able to meet her. We had such wonderful exchanges on LJ, too--sharing stories and icons and such a love for the lads. She was one of the first people I met when I got on LJ."[2]
"So terribly sad for her, her partner, family and friends. And she was such a fun part of Pros over the years that it's fandom's loss, too."[3]
"She was such a lovely person - happy, interesting, generous, and a skilled writer and icon maker." [4]
"This is such sad news. I never got to meet Zoe, but I enjoyed her stories and her posts. She was always so open and friendly."[5]
"I met her through another fandom back in 2008, before I even knew she loved The Professionals as much as I do. She was always full of life and joy, and shared that far and wide. She always fought against intolerance and unfairness, but it seems her death is the unfairest thing of all."[6]
"Like many, I met Zoe through fandom and LJ and my first unforgettable Nattercon, followed by several cons, Christmas at the Scarsdale, holidays and other get-togethers. Such a sadness, how can someone who was so young and who was so much fun and radiated joie de vivre and friendliness be gone?"[7]
" What an amazing thing this internet is, that we get to know people from far away and are touched by them so strongly, simply because we shared a common interest."[8]
"She was one of the first Pros people I ever met in person - so caring, funny and down-to-earth - and I'll always associate her with great times at the OPP, especially quiz nights, Triv Pursuits and watching Gillette Soccer Saturday for the Leeds score. Unbelievable to think we won't meet again." [9]
"Even though I only met her briefly, she made a big impression! She was such an integral part of our community - larger than life, sparkly, cheeky, lovely."[10]
"Zoe was my first introduction to LJ, thanks to some of her posts not being f'locked. It was lucky for me as a total newbie that she took that 'generous' attitude with her opinions *g* and opened the door for me to the wonderful world of fandom and friendship."[11]


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