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Newsletter Community
Name: Prison Break News
Date(s): August 2005 to February 2009
Moderator: angelicus, elizabethb, lady_iz
Founder: angelicus, elizabethb, lady_iz
Fandom: Prison Break
URL: Prison Break News

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Prison Break News was a closed community on Livejournal that produced a fan created newsletter on the series Prison Break and its fandom.


What will you find here?
  • News relating to Prison Break
  • Fan made videos and artwork
  • Fan Fiction
  • New communities and websites
  • Pictures and video
  • Miscellaneous fan made creations and discussions
Who are the newsletter reporters? Angelicus, Elizabethb & Lady Iz
How does this work? Each reporter has been assigned a day(s) to post the latest news from around the fandom and in the Prison Break world. During the season, the Prison Break Newsletter will be posted on Sunday & Wednesday. During the off-season, the frequency may go down to 1 day a week depending on the amount of content. If you feel something has been overlooked accidentally, please comment on the latest newsletter and it will be added to the next one.

There is adult content posted in this newsletter. Adult content will be marked as such so if you are underage or easily offended, don't click on the links marked ADULT.[1]


  1. ^ Quotes taken from PrisonBreakNews's LJ profile