Picking Up the Pieces (CSI: Las Vegas zine)

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Title: Picking Up the Pieces
Publisher: Requiem
Author(s): Laura Leone
Cover Artist(s): Sekhmet
Date(s): 2005
Medium: print
Fandom: CSI: Las Vegas
Language: English
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cover by Sekhemet

Picking Up the Pieces is a gen CSI: Las Vegas novel by Laura Leone. It is 180 pages long, digest-sized, and has a color cover by Sekhmet.


From a distributor, Agent With Style: The novel "explores the tragedy and fallout of the episode "Grave Danger," in which CSI Nick Stokes is buried alive in a hidden location, struggling to breathe while his friends and co-workers try feverishly to find him. The kidnapper gives Grissom and his team a website where they can watch Nick's frantic struggles on a webcam, and only belatedly do they realize that clicking a button on the page to turn on a timed light in the erstwhile grave so they can see Nick shuts off the fan giving him a small airflow. When he's rescued, Nick must face the resultant fear of the dark and enclosed spaces, the heartpounding nightmares that he is still buried under a ton of dirt, and the shocked regret of his friends for having cut off his air at the time he needed it most. The entire team must come together to help Nick, and themselves, to heal."


"Dr. Kane put his pad down and held up a hand to stop Nick's questions.

"First things first. Let's deal with tomorrow. We'll leave the worrying about the job and your duties for another session."

Nick raised his head from the couch.

"One step at a time, right, Doc?"

"That's what I've been telling you all along. Nice to know that you've been listening."

Nick stood and crossed the room, wanting to get closer to the window. Wanting to be able to touch the glass. The knowledge that this thick piece of pane was the thing that kept him from falling seven stories down was a strange comfort. He needed to view the glass as a safe barrier, not like the glass that had held him captive.

"What's the worse-case scenario, Nick, with tomorrow? What is your biggest fear? Usually if you confront that head on, all others seem to pale in comparison."

''Nick thought to himself as he touched the glass. Strange how he never noticed the complexities of it before. Never gave it the appreciation it deserved. So strong and yet so completely seamless. It had the ability to give you the feeling of being free, but Nick knew the other side of that equation. It can keep you trapped."