Physical Therapy (Dead Zone zine)

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Title: Physical Therapy
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press/Wild Side Press
Editor(s): Jody Norman & Cinda Gillilan
Date(s): 2005-2007
Medium: print
Fandom: Dead Zone
Language: English
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Physical Therapy is a slash Dead Zone anthology, focusing on Johnny and Bruce. The art is by Shiloh.

The summaries below are from the publisher.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Physical Therapy 1 was published in 2005 and contains 121 pages. The cover is by Shiloh. The proofreader was Lexi Jordan.

The zine's copyright is March 2005, but a note in it says it debuted May 2005.

The zine's dedication is "to over-worked and under-appreciated physical therapists everywhere!"

From the zine: "You have first times, and more established relationships, hurt-comfort and hearts and flowers. And all of it is great fun. Some of the stories have been posted online."

  • Watching (by Paige Aaron) Johnny and Bruce are watching each other. (2)
  • Coming Home [Dead link] (by Clarity) Post-"Siege." Bruce is glad Johnny made it home safe. (2)
  • Recognition (by Paige Aaron) Missing scene from "Precipitate." Bruce wants to check in on Johnny. (4)
  • Surrender (by McKenzie Griffin) A quiet talk leads to interesting revelations. (13)
  • The Road From Zion (by Sydni_6.4) Post-"Zion." The drive back home leads to an interesting conversation. (3)
  • Touch (by The Tenth Muse 1) Post-"Zion." After his father's funeral, Bruce won't let Johnny touch him, and that quickly gets to the psychic. (15)
  • Warming Up (by Moonmyst) When Bruce catches a chill, Johnny knows how to warm him up. (7)
  • A Light to Rid the World of Shadows (by Clarity) Post-"Shadows." Johnny reflects on his reactions, and what they might mean. (2)
  • A Different Path (by jhourdhaun) Post-"Shadows." Walt is haunted by dreams that seem to be telling him he needs to play matchmaker, but can he help Bruce and Johnny get together? (18)
  • Reassurance (by McKenzie Griffin) Post-"Shadows." Johnny needs some reassurance that Bruce really is okay. (10)
  • Unexpected Risk (by McKenzie Griffin) An awards banquet turns deadly, and Bruce ends up playing target. (33) (winner of a 2006 FanQ)

Issue 2

Physical Therapy 2 was published in 2006 and contains 152 pages.

  • Spice of Sex (by The Tenth Muse 1) Bruce and Johnny add a little spice to their lives. (10)
  • Who You Are (by Clarity) Bruce has to deal with a possessed Johnny. (7)
  • Touching (by Paige Aaron) Sequel to "Watching." Bruce and Johnny get a little more physical. (5)
  • Collisions (by Clarity) Bruce runs into a bad cop. (7)
  • Everything (by The Tenth Muse 1) Johnny reflects post "The Storm." (2)
  • April Fool's (by The Tenth Muse 1) Sarah gets the wrong idea, or did she? (2)
  • Interference (by The Tenth Muse 1) A crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Willow takes a personal interest in a psychic and his lover. (2)
  • Fading (by Clarity) Bruce finds Johnny unconscious. (5)
  • At the End of the World (by Clarity) Johnny's dreams are bad, but Bruce is there to help. (2)
  • The Lion's Den (by Paige Aaron) Bruce decides it's time to tell Johnny how he feels. (2)
  • False Vision (by The Tenth Muse 1) It's Bruce's turn to have a disturbing vision. (14)
  • 'Til Death Do Us Part (by Paige Aaron) Bruce and Johnny tie the knot. (29)
  • The Dream Fulfilled (by Jhourdhaun) Johnny decides it's time for he and Bruce to expand their family. (14)
  • Joy Ride (by Mckenzie Griffin) Johnny gives Bruce a new ride, but things take a deadly turn when it is coveted by someone else. (40) (winner of 2007 FanQ)

Issue 3

Physical Therapy 3 was published in 2007 and contains 101 pages.

cover of issue #3
  • Going Home (by Mystie) A peek into Bruce's life teaches Johnny a lesson. (2)
  • Unforgivable (by Mystie) A tag to "Here Be Monsters." (2)
  • Bittersweet (by Mystie) A tag to "House." (5)
  • Dios Mio (by Clarity) A missing scene and tag to "Grains of Sand.". (3)
  • Midnight Musings (by Mystie) A tag to "Independence Day." (2)
  • Future Haunting (by Clarity) Another tag to "Independence Day." (4)
  • Inertia (by Clarity) A long day leaves Johnny needing Bruce more than ever. (4)
  • Destiny (by Paige Aaron) A sequel to "Inertia." (13)
  • To See the Trees (by Legion) A battered guitar case takes John on a journey. (16)
  • At His Side (by Clarity) Bruce wants Johnny to tell him when he's hurting. (6)
  • Courting (by Levin Colter) Johnny finds himself being courted by Bruce. (8)
  • Hazelnut Karma (by Hidama) Some people know the best way to start the day. (4)
  • Proposals (by The Tenth Muse 1) Johnny pops the question. (2)
  • The Vision, Complete (by jhourdhaun) Johnny and Bruce decide that it's time to try for a second child. (19)