Phoenix (Blake's 7 zine)

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Title: Phoenix
Publisher: Gestetner Press and What D'Ye Think Yer Doin' Productions
Editor(s): Narrelle M. Harris
Date(s): 1983-1998
Medium: print, archived online
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
External Links: Original archive; Later archive
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Phoenix is a gen Blake's 7 anthology published in Australia.

Unusual for a zine of its era, the first three editions of the zine were republished online (Narrelle's Blake's 7 Fiction and Music) sometime around 1998, and the fourth issue may only have been available online.

Reactions and Reviews

There was also a series called "Phoenix" *years* ago from Australia, by Narelle Harris, that had a lot of good moments in it. (Seemed to quit just when things were getting *really* interesting, though. Sigh. Anybody out there know if there was ever a "Phoenix" #4?) [1]

Issue 1

Phoenix 1 contains 82 pages and was published in November 1983. The cover was by Fiona Ellem; internal art was by Tricia Ostwald.

  • Editorial by Narrelle M Harris
  • Shall We Find Peace? by Narrelle M Harris
  • Valley of Dark by Moira Dahlberg
  • Journey Till Dawn by Narrelle M Harris
  • Orac by Narrelle M Harris
  • Dark Dreaming by Tricia Ostwald
  • The Step Beyond Death by Narrelle M Harris

Issue 2

Phoenix 2 was published in 1984. The cover and internal art were by Tricia Ostwald.

  • Editorial by Narrelle Harris
  • The Voice of Prometheus by Narrelle Harris
  • Persuasion by Tricia Ostwald and Lynette Maher
  • Mind and Memory by Narrelle Harris
  • Keela by Narrelle Harris
  • The Decision by Susan Lake
  • Interstellar Angels - music and lyrics by Narrelle Harris

Issue 3

Phoenix 3 was published in 1985. The cover was by David Pugh; internal art was by Tricia Ostwald.

  • Editorial by Narrelle M Harris
  • Ricochet by Narrelle M Harris
  • Transition by Susan Lake
  • Ashes to Ashes by Narrelle M Harris
  • Reunions Part One by Narrelle M Harris
  • Reunions Part Two by Narrelle M Harris
  • Reunions Part Three by Narrelle M Harris

Issue 4

A fourth issue was available online in 1998. From an April 1998 post by Narrelle Harris: "If anyone has trouble with it, if you have a friend with access to the site I have no objections at all to the zines being downloaded onto disks and handed about. My only concern would be someone publishing the stories in a proper zine without permission. Feel free to print out or to copy onto disks for people who otherwise wouldn't have access. The point of the story is to be read, after all. :-)" [2]}}

  • Editorial by Narrelle Harris
  • The Key by Narrelle Harris
  • Recovery by Narrelle Harris
  • Cover and internal art by Tricia Ostwald

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

Many thanks for the latest chapter in the Phoenix saga. My poor little printer is working over time at the moment printing it all out for me (that's providing I haven't killed the poor machine in the meantime ). I look forward to curling up in bed later and having a bloody good read. [3]
Phoenix 4 is wonderful! (Thanks, Narrelle. And thanks to Pat for encouraging her.) Each and every character (and Narrelle juggles a clutter of them!) is presented with love and respect. There's also plenty of plot twisted in with the character dynamics and human interest. It provides a satisfying, long-awaited resolution to the Phoenix saga. Oh yes, almost forgot, Phoenix 4 Tarrant is absolutely adorable. :) [4]


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