Pete Wentz & His Humans

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RPF Fandom
Name(s): Pete Wentz & His Humans
Scope/Focus: Pete Wentz, Meagan Camper, Gabe Saporta, Erin Fetherston, Bronx Wentz, Diego Saporta
See also: Cobra Starship, Fall Out Boy
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Pete Wentz & His Humans became a fandom when lalejandra and inlovewithnight realized that tagging stories about Pete Wentz, Gabe Saporta, and Gabe Saporta's dad with "Cobra Starship" and "Fall Out Boy" was fucking ridiculous.

These stories have nothing to do with the aforementioned bands, and everything to do with the fact that Gabe Saporta's dad is, in fictionalized RPF form, great.

Other characters involved in this fandom are Pete Wentz's son Bronx, Andy Hurley's fictional mpreg baby Wolfsbane, Meagan Camper, and Erin Fetherston. And sometimes Tim Gunn.

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