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Journal Community
Date(s): 18 July 2004 - Last updated on 13 March 2015
Moderator: averisimilitude, centraslayer, legendof12world, nolessdefeated, okubyo_kitsune
Founder: nolessdefeated
Type: slash
Fandom: Fall Out Boy

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patrickxpeter is an early LiveJournal community for Pete/Patrick. It may be the first Fall Out Boy slash community.

nolessdefeated, who created the community, also created falloutboyicons a day earlier. The first few months saw a brief flurry of fans introducing themselves, but the first fanfic was not posted until November 2004[1] and some months saw no posts at all. Posting became more regular during the Summer of Like (i.e. when FOB was on Warped Tour following their big hit).

As of 2017, the community has 4,211 posts; 62,060 comments; and 2062 members.[2]


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