Path of Fire

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Title: Path of Fire
Publisher: Yucca Flower Press
Author(s): AJ Burfield
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): September 2008
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Lancer
Language: English
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Path of Fire is a gen Lancer 196-page novel by AJ Burfield.

The story takes up years after the end of the series. Scott Lancer had left the Lancer ranch years before, so Johnny Madrid Lancer must piece up the pieces alone after the death of his father, Murdoch Lancer.


"Springtime was always fickle on Lancer but on this day, the weather cooperated with a bright sun, clear skies and a warm, gentle wind that carried the smell of new grass and ancient oak. As expected, the turnout for the funeral was large. All the hotel rooms in Morro Coyo, Green River, Spanish Wells and as far as Cross Creek were booked full. Every ranch house in the surrounding area graciously opened their doors for the overflow. It was the least they could do to honor a man that had helped shape this valley.

A murmur of voices surrounded the ornate oak casket as everyone assembled for the graveside service. Earlier in the day, the church overflowed with mourners. Now those and more stood to offer their final farewells to Murdoch Lancer with their feet on the very earth he forged into a legend.

All eyes seemed to be on the priest as he thumbed open his bible, but Father Michael realized otherwise. He angled his head for the best focus on God’s words in his hand knowing he would have to work for the assembly’s full attention. Clearing his throat to ensure full projection, he still knew that he would be unable to keep the assemblage’s curious eyes from the single vacant graveside chair and the grieving figure seated beside it."