Passages from Middle-Earth

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Title: Passages from Middle-Earth
Publisher: Laura Blank
Date(s): 2005
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Tolkien
Language: English
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cover by Morgan Reinhold

Passages from Middle-Earth is a 133-page gen Tolkien anthology. It has a cover by Morgan Reinhold and other art by Barb Johnson and Gail Molnar.

  • Son of Gondor by Laura Chevening 1
  • Rivendell by Laura Chevening 114
  • The Doors by Gail Molnar 115
  • Theoden's Return by Gail Molnar 117
  • White Lady of Rohan by Laura Chevening 118
  • Helm's Deep by Gail Molnar 119
  • After Pelennor by Laura Chevening 120
  • Encounter by Laura Chevening 122
  • It Came from Left Field by The Ringlettes 125
  • Raven and Gold by Laura Chevening 133
  • Processional by Gail Molnar 134