Paradise (Space: 1999 story)

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Title: Paradise
Author(s): Abby Hayhurst
Date(s): 1970s
Genre: gen
Fandom: Space:1999
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Paradise is a Space: 1999 story by Abby Hayhurst.

Reactions and Reviews

Moon passes through a warp and ends up nine million years after breakaway in the same solar sytsem as Earth! David Kano, Victor Bergman---1825 days after leaving Earth orbit---Alpha goes into a Jovian orbit and Ganymede will support life. Paul, Tony, Alan, Command Center, and Maya appear. John and Helena crash land in water on Ganymede, the moon of Jupiter and meet Lee Russell! Helena miscarried---it was John's child a baby girl that Helena names Victoria and John agrees. Astro 7 mission included Lee now called Rush Purcell, Ben, the now dead Tim Eliopolous, the now dead SuAnn Miles, the now dead Peter One Sky (all 3 killed in the crash), Vladimir and Nan Vladastok, Carol Purcell, primitivists Tell Larson and Gwen Smith, Mason Sharp, Wendy One Sky, Ralph Henderson, Cammy-another Carole, there were 19 out of 22 who survived the crash, ends 1922 days after leaving Earth orbit---Steve, Connar Sharp, Libbet, Racine, the Moon will pass through the warp again---it was like a belt. On the return trip around, it will go through it. Mathias appears. On Alpha there is tech called Ivan. The women have reversable sterilization processes done to them but in the crash the doctors died. Now Helena can reverse that when she comes out of shock. Bill Fraser. A prehistoric boar they name after John. David gives Tony a cross. Tony mentions the time John was a caveman---the beard reminded him of it. The warped area of space takes Alpha away and does things to Ganymede. Alternate universe as no one mentions their encounter with Lee Russell, the anti matter one, in MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH.[1]


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