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Mailing List
Name: P/T Teens
Date(s): 1997, peak was 1998
Founder(s): Niamh Crilly and Janis
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager and Paris/Torres
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P/T Teens was a mailing list and website for fans under 18 years of age.

The mailing list was created by Niamh Crilly and Janis.

The focus of the community was the Paris/Torres pairing on Star Trek: Voyager.

Mailing List

The mailing list was an alternative to the adult mailing list called PTFever.

At its peak, the list had about forty members in 1998.


The mailing list had a website on GeoCities at P/T Teens Homepage.

The website had a link for a chat room and a message board. It was also part of a webring.

Welcome to the homepage for the mailing list P/T Teens (Paris and Torres from Star Trek Voyager if you somehow got here without knowing that). We're a very mixed bunch of teenagers though all of members except for one are female. Not that males aren't very welcome. The list was set up after a lack of P/T mailing lists was noticed, especially ones for those under 18 and therefore not allowed to join adult groups. What started out as an idea is now nearing a year old and still thriving. This homepage is run by Niamh with members contributing by making and managing certain pages. For more info on P/T Teens and how to join, please look at the FAQ or contact us. [1]

When When GeoCities purged its content in 2006, the website was created again on ptdreams.com, a site with links to "Laura Michelle" and "b5teens" and appears to have been run by Laura Hale (as per email contact on site: lmichelle@ptdreams.com).

When that website shut down, it moved again to an unknown location.


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