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Name: P/T Fan Ring!
Date Founded: (?)
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Focus: Paris/Torres
URL: https://web.archive.org/web/20121009040627/http://hub.webring.org/hub/pt
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The P/T Fan Ring! was a webring connecting fansites focused on the Star Trek: Voyager pairing of Paris/Torres.

Member Sites

  • A Little Piece of Paris and Torres Heaven!
  • Amy's Star Trek Voyager Page!
  • Ancarett's Star Trek Voyager Station
  • Audra's P/T page
  • The Captain's Bridge
  • Charlotte's Favorite Star Trek Links
  • The Chief Engineer's Quarters
  • Cheile's Paris and Torres page
  • The Complete Guide to Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres
  • D'A Green Room
  • Deck 9, Section 12
  • The Delta Quadrant Resort
  • Dlynna's Healmboy Heaven
  • Flickering Flame's P/T Domain
  • Harley's Page
  • Hope and Honor
  • Jane Griffen's Paris and Torres Domain
  • Jean's Voyager Page
  • Jeff's Trek Voyager Page
  • Jen's P/T Page
  • JoJo's World of Imzadi
  • Just the domain of another Paris/Torres freak.....
  • KRET Rats Homepage
  • Leila's Voyager Page
  • Li'l Piece of Paris&Torres Heaven
  • LJ's P/T Page
  • My Paris/Torres Page
  • The New Home of Allucia
  • Niomi's Voyager FanFiction
  • Paris and Torres Enthusiasts of the Universe!
  • Paris Nights
  • The Paris-Philes
  • Paris/Torres in the UK
  • The Paris Torres Resort
  • PJ in NH's Fan Fiction
  • Promising Times
  • P/T :-)
  • Ronda's Trek Page
  • Romantic Intentions
  • The Star Trek Relationships Page
  • Talyn Kala's Star Trek Realm
  • T'Kalara's Realm
  • Trekgirl's Homepage
  • Trek Love2.... Paris and Torres
  • Wanda's P/T Corner
  • The Writings of Miss Izzy Paris Torres fanfic
  • The Yavaris
  • Yet Another Page in the World of Tom and B'Elanna