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Name: OzCon
Dates: April 2013
Location: Sydney, Australia
Focus: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Founding Date:
URL: 2013 website
2012 con logo
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OzCon is a Beauty and the Beast convention that was held in 2013 in Sydney, Australia.

From the online flyer:
"We are calling it ‘Live the Dream - A Portrait of Love because we think that to come to Australia many of the fans will have to have big dreams. In keeping with the theme of Beauty and the Beast we believe that dreams can come true. Catherine and Vincent’s dream has become ours and with that in mind we think that nothing is impossible. Dream with us and make up your mind to come to the OzCon and see Sydney,see Kangaroos or Koalas and what Sydney has to offer from those of us who have lived here all our lives. We will show you what we have found as only a native Aussie can. Plan to come for at least a week as we are planning a full weeks activities, why come so far for only three days?"