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Title: Oversound
Type: art anthology
Date(s): 2018
Medium: PDF
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Language: English
External Links: Tumblr
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Oversound is a music-themed art zine in the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


- We divided the zine in three booklets since there were many participants, and you can choose to download the complete version or just the one booklet you’re interested in. Of course I suggest to download the whole pack to see all the beautiful works, but if for example your friend/an artist you follow/a category is in one of these booklets, don’t feel pressured to download everything!

- Google Drive permits to read the zine directly there, but I suggest downloading the pdf so you can read it offline and wherever you want. Plus, you can zoom out to see everything better!

- If the zine takes a little time to download and the images don’t immediately show up, it’s because we used HD quality for each artwork and wide sizes for the best result we could achieve. Please be patient, especially on phone, it’ll be worth it!!

- Since there’s the option to download just one booklet, each one has the same introduction after the cover; if you download the complete version, just skip it after the solo booklet- it says the same thing. :)



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