Outer Worlds

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Title: Outer Worlds
Publisher: Deborah Millitello
Date(s): 1987
Medium: print, zine
Fandom: Blake’s 7
Language: English
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Outer Worlds is a 131-page het Blake's 7 anthology of material by Deborah Millitello.


Fiction, all by Deborah Millitello:

  • "A Time for Every Purpose"
  • "A Joy Shared"
  • "Central Security Files: Report from Agent T-4-2"
  • "Seeds of Betrayal"
  • "Interview with Scorpio's Crew"
  • "Promises"


  • Deborah Millitello, "Regret"
  • Deborah Millitello, "Silver Image"
  • Deborah Millitello, "Distress Call from Jenna"
  • Deborah Millitello, "Limerick"
  • Rodney Richards, "When Fans Are Called Together" (filk, When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder")

Reactions and Reviews

A zine I skimmed through and read part, an anthology called OUTER WORLDS, has a novel (WHY in fandom is any story longer than 20 pages called a novel?) and stories by one lady, D. Millitello. My copy has two added stories tucked in the back. This is post P.G., and Blake is dead. That should have been my first clue I wouldn't like it. He's barely referred to, and there are next to no flashback anecdotes, (s/t/g) [1]


  1. from Rallying Call #17