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You may be looking for the Star Trek: TOS zine, Crosswords & Otherwords.

Title: Otherwords
Publisher: David Gerrold Fan Club & Permanent Press
Editor(s): Jerry Friedman
Date(s): 1969
Medium: print
Fandom: David Gerrold & Star Trek
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Otherwords is a zine focusing on David Gerrold, a Star Trek script writer and sf novelist.

For similar zines of this era, see List of Star Trek TOS Zines Published While the Show Was Still On the Air.

front cover of issue #1
back cover of issue #2

Issue 1

Otherwords 1 was published in August 1969 contains 24 pages.

From the zine: "Otherworlds (to be quite honest about it) is published for the edification of David Gerrold's ego. (And if you've ever seen his ego, you know it needs a lot of edifying.) Subject matter willl primarily consist of articles by, for and about David. Some will be original, some will be reprinted. Material will include various fan work, unsold professional work, and sometimes letters (and missives) pertaining to both. Should this exercise in narcissism be more than your stomach can stand, we will occasionally attempt to relieve the tedium. Somehow."

Issue 2

Otherwords 2 was published in October 1969. It is unclear if this occurred, or if there were any other issues published. From the back of issue #1, "Otherwords the Second will be dated October First, 1969 and will be a minimum of twenty-four pages. At least. This issued went so well, our next may be out in September and consist of forty pages. Spread the word."

Issue 3

Otherwords 3 was published in February 1970 (one source says January). This was the final issue.