Otabek Altin

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Name: Otabek Altin
Occupation: competitive figure skater
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice
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Otabek Altin is a character in the figure skating anime Yuri!!! on Ice.


Like most of the cast, Otabek is a professional figure skater. During his Junior career, he attended Yakov Feltsman's summer training camp, where he was placed in a novice class because he could not keep up with Russian skaters his own age. After that Otabek moved around the world, living in the US and Canada for several years before returning to his home in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

He primarily shows up in brief expository scenes until his first speaking appearance in episode 10. In spite of this, Otabek features prominently in promotional material and has become a very popular character.

Otabek's biography was based partly on the late Kazakh skater and 2014 Olympic bronze medalist, Denis Ten, who appeared delighted that both he and Otabek rode motorcycles. Tragically, Ten was killed in 2018.


Otabek is a man of few words. When he does speak it's short and to the point, as is demonstrated repeatedly in Episode 10. It's also made clear in that episode that Otabek has a powerful will and determination, given his success despite a lack of resources at home for a difficult and expensive sport. He comes across as mature enough to know what he does well as a skater and has the courage to follow his own path.


Tropes and Themes


Otayuri is the most common pairing for Otabek. He is also occasionally shipped with Jean-Jacques Leroy.

Example Works


  • There Be Dragons by Mhalachai Seven-year-old Otabek knew two things - he wasn't really related to a dragon, and he was never going to fall in love. Things like that belonged only in fairy tales.
  • lux aurumque by awkwardedgeworth Otabek is four— five in three months— when his parents tell him they're not his parents. or, the family, friends, rink-mates and coaches in Otabek's life who shaped him through the years.




  • Dark Horse: An Otabek Altin Zine (2017-2018) Included, art, fic, and merch. List of contributors here. Proceeds from the final sale were donated to the Denis Ten Foundation, created in the wake of his death.