Original Nature

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Title: Original Nature
Publisher: Dixon Trees
Date(s): 1996-1998
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
Language: English
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Original Nature is a gen Kung Fu: The Legend Continues anthology published in Canada. There are at least three issues.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Original Nature 1 was published in April 1996 and contains 48 pages.

  • The Lesson by Terry Hyatt (1)
  • Saturday Morning at Toronto Trek by Terri Hyatt (5)
  • Jasper Keke by Dixon Trees (11)
  • Life is But a Dream by Terry Hyatt (42)
  • Another Day at the Apothecary by Terri Hyatt (46)
  • Teaser Time (48)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Original Nature 2 was published in 1997.

  • A Day in the Life by Terry Hyatt (1)
  • Test of Faith by Terry Hyatt (5)
  • Absent Hearts by Dixon Trees (11)
  • Recipe for Orchid/Licorice Tea, Old Chinese by Terri Hyatt (43)
  • One Day in May by Rosa Lengua (44)
  • The Girls by Dixon Trees (45)
  • Mercy by Terri Hyatt (67)
  • The Care and Feeding of a Bodjia, part one by Terri Hyatt (72)

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Original Nature 3 was published in June 1998.

  • Cetacean Healing by Terri Hyatt (1)
  • The Heartache of Being Caine by Terri Hyatt (6)
  • Sons by Dixon Trees (11)
  • Diagnosis: Wood Energy Yin by Terri Hyatt (63)
  • Doubts by Dixon Trees (66)
  • Prayer by Terri Hyatt (69)