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Name: Strategic Planning Committee of Organization for Transformative Works (OTW)
Date(s): 2012
Profit/Nonprofit: Nonprofit
Country based in: USA; international volunteers
Focus: Creating a strategic plan for the OTW.
External Links: Contact Strategic Planning
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Strategic Planning is one of the committees involved in the Organization for Transformative Works. As part of its mandate to create a strategic plan for the organization, the committee has been compiling reports on the history and current state of all the other committees and workgroups.


  • The creation of The Strategic Planning Workgroup was announced in April of 2012. [1]
  • In September 2012, it was announced that Strategic Planning was now a committee. [2]

History of Chairs

  • 2013: Anna Genoese
  • 2014: Hanna Lee, Niko Thompson
  • 2015: Elliot Oberholtzer
  • 2016: Elliot Oberholtzer
  • 2017: Elliot Oberholtzer, Amy Shepard
  • 2018: Elliot Oberholtzer, Amy Shepard
  • 2019: Elliot Oberholtzer, Amy Shepard




  1. Announcing the Strategic Planning roadmap, 25 April 2012.
  2. Strategic planning update #5, 7 September 2012.