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Name: Development and Membership Committee of Organization for Transformative Works (OTW)
Profit/Nonprofit: Nonprofit
Country based in: USA; international volunteers
Focus: Funraising and membership-building.
External Links: How You Can Help
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The Development and Membership Committee is one of the committees involved in the Organization for Transformative Works.

The OTW describes its role:

DevMem is in charge of fundraising and membership-building for the organization. We brainstorm fundraising ideas and then implement them; it's our job to raise the funds that support all of the OTW's various projects, and to show the world why those projects are worth supporting. We're always looking for people with experience in fundraising tasks like donor-courting and grant writing, but we also welcome those who are new to the world of development. If you are interested in promoting the OTW in a particular corner of fandom — within a fannish community, at conventions and conferences, or on social networks, come join us in DevMem! [1]

It organizes the twice-annual OTW Fundraising Drive.

Projects for 2012

  • Events: Calendaring events on the OTW website, reaching out to fan cons and conventions about an OTW presence, and sending packets of info, stickers & pins for in-person recruitment.
  • Premiums: cross-checking orders & delivery, including tracking international fulfillment, designing and pricing out new merchandise, etc.
  • Memberships drives: coordinating the March and October Membership Drives, organizing themes and guest posts, liaising with other committees to see what they want to say to the OTW and the public during high visibility times.
  • Grants: writing grants, coordinating the grant-writing process with committees that would be eligible for funding opportunities, and building a system to organize all the grant applications into their component pieces so that we can re-use parts of applications we've submitted before.
  • Social Media Outreach: monitoring the social media accounts for the OTW, coordinating appropriate responses to any questions or comments made on the social media platforms, signal boosting blog posts, and documenting best practice guidelines for social media accounts for all OTW projects.

History of Chairs


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