Order of the Concritters

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Name: Order of the Concritters
Date(s): 12-20-2010
Moderator: Ever Heard of a Dictionary, Ataokoloinona
Founder: Que Quieres Spyro Kid, Aspiring Mythmaker
Fandom: FanFiction.Net, Concrit
URL: Official Forum on FF.Net
Official Blog
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The Order of the Concritters is a critic alliance on FanFiction.Net dedicated to improving overall quality of fanfics. The group does not target rule-breaking stories, however, if one arises, the group will critique it as it would all others. The Order critiques in multiple fandoms, multiple fashions, and everything in between.

The FanFiction.Net forum has proved itself popular since it's creation on December 20th, 2010. It is currently ranked 30th among the General Forums category, which is host to over 20,000 forums on-site with a post count of over 30,000. [1]

Googlism defines Order of the Concritters as "a group whose main goal is to give unbiased critiques on any and all stories."[2]

Order Mission Statement

I. To offer constructive criticism and advice where we can, and to report what we can't help.

II. To provide comprehensive and unbiased critiques of any and all stories, regardless of fandom or overall quality.

III. To warn authors of rules and guidelines that they may be unaware of.

IV. To educate users on proper procedure for this site.

V. To provide a central tie for critics site-wide.

Order Leadership Team

The Order's Leadership Team are the leaders and moderators that patrol the forum/organization, searching for rule violators, potentially interested people, et cetera. There are two leaders and two moderators, which are explained in further detail below.

Order Leaders

Que Quieres Spyro Kid and Aspiring Mythmaker are currently the two leaders of the Order, and their methods are different in multiple ways.

Jimmy is probably the more liberal. He wants to get the job done, and push the forum to takeoff. Myth is more conservative, and his views on the reviewing style of the Order are more touchy. Myth is more of the updater, who looks through current works and thinks of ideas for improvement.

Jimmy handles some of the the first drafts, whether those drafts be on forum threads or blog updates, or a new project entirely. Myth tends to update these drafts, and enforce rules more loosely.

The two leaders have the final word on any debate that may occur, ban length, rule violation, or decisions on forum operation.

Order Moderators

Moderators Ever Heard of a Dictionary and Ataokoloinona were appointed by Que Quieres Spyro Kid to, essentially, moderate the forum, create new threads of interest, handle users that do not comply with forum rules, and regulate member activity.

They hold less power than the Order leaders, however, their opinion still carries weight, and is listened to on most any decision. Order moderators are regularly asked to make (sometimes collaborative) decisions on forum activity, user activity, new threads, and more.

The responsibility of a forum moderator is heavy, and is not for the one without much time to spare. It requires a fair bit of dedication, and a large amount of personal judgement on decisions.

Moderators are appointed when a forum-goer is trusted enough to look after the place and a mod-spot is open, not by asking.

Order Policy

The Order of the Concritters requires that members adhere to the Reviewing Ideals when submitting Order-signed reviews, and adhere to the Member Rules and Forum Rules. For non-members who post on the forum, we only request that you follow the Forum Rules (posted on the official forum), and go by our Membership Policy should you ever want to join the movement.

Reviewing Ideals

All reviews made in the name of Order of the Concritters (such as the story links emailed to official members) must follow our Reviewing Ideals:

I. After a reasonable amount of time has passed post-warning, and an author has not corrected material that infringes on the guidelines, a story may be reported. However, the Order will not house content such as "report-only". We do not accept "report-only" story links in the Constructive Criticism Request thread, and posts asking such will be edited by a moderator.

II. If an author has issue with the actions of a member, they can be directed to the forum. You may handle the issue on your own, if you do so desire, however, do not resort to low blows or otherwise in this case. If the author chooses to be rude or immature on the forum, then you can either let it go or continue to ask questions as you see fit. Remember that stories are reported on a forum-goer's own accord, not by "bark-on-command" order.

III. If you are a forum regular reviewing stories from the Constructive Criticism Request thread, or you are a member of the Order of the Concritters movement reviewing stories provided by us, we would like you to follow these simple guidelines for reviews:

-Give examples of what's wrong, if possible. Don't just tell the author what's wrong, describe as best as you can how to correct the issue in the future.

-Address any violations of FFN Guidelines/ToS in your review. If necessary, describe how to correct it or where the violation takes place (e.g. if script is the issue, type "remove the IM conversation in the text, please" or something similar).

-If you are familiar with the canon, you may address issues on characterization, or even plot.

-If you are unfamiliar with the canon, you can try to address these issues, however, it is recommended you address characterization problems only on OCs if you are unfamiliar with the fandom.

-You may simply mention in the review that a story infringes the guidelines, or you may report it, or anything in between. If the story is against the guidelines, do not review with one or two lines simply stating that it is against the guidelines. Instead, offer your critique. Use this golden opportunity to offer well deserved praise and/or tips for improvement.

-Eliminate defensiveness! Remember that not all authors will act defensive if you point out faults. It is never a waste of your time. Authors have come to me months after acting immature to a review, and apologized, accepting advice. If an author acts rude, direct them to the forum or handle them how you see fit.

-Sign your reviews! If you review from the Constructive Criticism Request thread, it is appreciated that you sign with "~Order of the Concritters~" as your ending line, to spread word around, and generally give authors a sense of where to go to give thanks, or to complain.

-If you are reviewing your membership stories (the TSMs in your email inbox), you must sign with "~Order of the Concritters~" or similar as your final line. This promotes the forum, and at the same time, may lead the author to help themselves more eagerly.

Membership Policy

Candidates for membership in the Order of the Concritters movement are not mindlessly accepted. There are standards that must be brushed on. There is a formal procedure for an application for membership in the movement.

Send an email to the Order's email address (available by PM of an Order leader) containing direct links to a few of the critical reviews you feel to be your best.

We might comment on aspects of your reviews before accepting you.

All reviews made in the name of the Order must abide by Reviewing Ideals presented in the Rules and Regulations.[3]

An accepted member gives their e-mail address to Jimmy or Myth, who then adds it to the Order of the Concritters e-mail contacts.

When accepted, you receive emails welcoming you to the Order and containing TSM information. This information is not announced publically.

You will receive your TSMs and Order news through the email address you provide.

If you are interested in membership, please contact Jimmy or Myth.

Member Rules

Please note that members are as bound by the Forum Rules as anyone else. These rules are only regarding membership information.

1) TSMs are not to be shared with anyone other than the leaders unless circumstances warrant it.

2) Failure to review 2 straight TSMs may result in a warning email being sent out.

3) Failure to review 4 straight TSMs may result in another email, along with a chat with the leaders regarding these issues.

4) Failure to review 6 straight TSMs may result in the removal of your membership. Note that if you have made a prior arrangement with the Order leaders (e.g. vacation or something of the sorts), your membership will not be discredited for not reviewing the TSMs.

5) If an author's reply to an Order of the Concritters review is heated, you can either direct them to the forum Complaint Department or deal with them yourself.

Forum Rules

1. We respect grammar here. A minor typo here and there is fine, but do not tyPe l!3k d!$$$$.

2. Respectful discussion or debate is always encouraged, but don't troll about. The first offense regarding trolling will result in a warning. Further offense will result in a ban.

3. Sexual innuendos are allowed. However, if someone tells you to stop, do it immediately.

4. Racist comments or harassment based on sexual orientation or gender, or anything of the sort is NOT allowed under ANY circumstances, and will result in a ban.

5. You become a forum moderator when you are trusted enough to look after the place and we have an open spot, not by asking.

6. Moderators do not like to ban. However, if enough people ask for someone to be banned for a fair cause, then it will be done.

7. If you feel that you were banned unfairly, all of the moderators have their PM feature open, so feel free to argue your case. Talk to the moderator that banned you as well as the forum admin when arguing your case.

8. Although flamers are welcome here, when we give out stories to be concritted, we mean concrit. When reviewing a story in the concrit thread, members of this forum cannot flame, no matter how bad the story is. We have no control on outsiders looking in on the concrit thread for links. If the author acts rudely to you, just laugh it off. You can post about their reactions and put up their replies and such, but no flaming for members of this forum. See the Reviewing Ideals section of the rules for more detail.

9. If you come to this forum because a member reviewed your story in a less than positive light then feel free to complain or find out more in the appropriate thread and your complaints/questions will be addressed. But, if you come looking for a fight or are rude, then you will be dealt with according to the rules posted above.

10. Self-promotion of other forums is currently not allowed! First offense results in a warning. Multiple warnings may result in a ban for a time determinable by the banning moderator.

Order History

  • On December 20th, 2010, the Official FFN Forum was created, along with several threads. Ataokoloinona and Elodie the Scribe were the moderators, though Elodie's modship was removed a few days later. Atao was added as the organization co-leader.
  • On December 23rd, 2010, the Order of the Concritters had its first removal by recommendation of a fiction against the Guidelines.
  • On December 30th, 2010, the Order of the Concritters began offering membership services.
  • On February 2nd, 2011, Aspiring Mythmaker was added as a forum moderator.
  • On February 16th, 2011, Ever Heard of a Dictionary was added as a forum moderator after a drastic increase in posting.
  • On February 24th, 2011, Aspiring Mythmaker was handed the co-leader position after many discussions.