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You may be looking for the Professionals story: Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money).

Title: Opportunities ("Avon's Calling")
Creator: Nancy Anderson
Date: 1987
Format: VCR
Length: 4:36m
Music: "Opportunities" by Pet Shop Boys
Fandom: Blake's 7

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Opportunities is a VCR era Blake's 7 songvid.

"It's been done...and superbly. 'Opportunities' was adapted into a B7 "music video" using clips from the show and shown here in the States at STARCON (Denver) a few years back to a highly appreciative audience that included Darrow. It was professionally edited and by far the best B7 music video I have ever seen. The authoress was kind enough to send me a wonderful gift--a copy of this video--years later, and I still find it thrilling to watch!"[1]
"Nancy Anderson put together this music video about 8 years back and it was shown to a crowd of hundreds of enthusiastic B7 fans at Denver Starcon. Paul Darrow was also present and loved it. I am honored to own a copy directly from Nancy, who had access to professional editing equipment and did a magnificent job. IMHO, this is one of the best B7 music videos ever done. ("Opportunities")."[2]
"In the 1990s I was living in Denver where I saw this video at a convention. I was so taken by the vid that I approached the person who had contributed the vid at the end of the vid show. I am not certain if she was the vidder or just someone who brought the vid to the convention. Anyway, I gushed and gushed about the vid and she said she would make me a copy for $5 which was about the cost (at the time) for a videotape with multiple fanvids. It took her weeks and weeks until it was ready. I drove to her house, and got the tape and took it home. I really expected that there would be more than one vid on the tape. For five dollars I would have made a nice two-hour collection at SP, because fandom isn't about making money. I was expecting a collection from this quite fabulous vidder and was so very disappointed. I think I watched the vid only once after that. I do remember it being a really good vid, however, and always wondered if there were any more like this out thre."[3]


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