One Way Or Another (Veronica Mars vid)

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Title: One Way Or Another
Creator: charmax
Date: 2005, remastered in 2006
Format: digital, Real Player
Length: 3:25m
Music: Blondie
Fandom: Veronica Mars
URL: (offline)
vid banner by charmax

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One Way Or Another is an early Veronica Mars character study vid by Charmax.

Vidder's notes:This is an episodic video to the episode ‘Clash of the tritons’. ‘One way or another’ the song by blondie is lip synched with Veronica’s karaoke version.

Remaster Notes


I am still on my remastering spree, wheee! (As well as working on my sweet charity vid of course) The main difference between this and the old version is DVD source. Yay. I've also put in a couple of extra clips, chopped the rhythm up a little more, refined the titles and added a touch more external motion. Shiny.

Episodic videos can be quite tricky to edit because clip choice is quite limited and there aren't the sweeping camera shots or epic panoramic views of a movie. So, with what was available to me I think it works. I am happy anyway. :)[1]

Reactions and Reviews

"Wow! This vid was just so cool and so much fun - episodic vids can generally get dull pretty fast. I love Veronica Mars, and this episode was the best yet. Hope you’ll make more of them in the future."[2]
" Charmax did a FANTASTIC job with that vid. Wow. I'm impressed."[3]comment in the vid remaster post dated 2006</ref>
"The original of this vid was the first Veronica Mars vid I ever watched - I watched it before I even started watching the show. It kind of swayed me towards checking it out."[4]comment in the vid remaster post dated 2006</ref>


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