Once Upon a Time (Beauty and the Beast zine by Gwen Lord)

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Title: Once Upon a Time
Publisher: A New Enterprise Publication for The Helpers Network UK
Editor(s): Gwen Lord
Date(s): November 2001
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Once Upon a Time is a het Beauty and the Beast anthology of fiction by Gwen Lord. From the publisher's page: "All written between 1990 and 2001, which all have been in print before. But requests were relentless to compile them together for a lasting collectors' item."

From the foreword:
How I wish the USA TV Series 'Beauty and the Beast' had been around as I made my way through my school life, between 1942 and 1953. Essays were required of us, and I would sit with pen in hand, unable and uninspired to produce anything worth reading. Yet in 1989 when this cult TV series first aired and unfolded before my eyes, all I could think of, was how fast I could transfer ideas flying around my head, on to paper. The first story I wrote was in 1990, which I nervously included in Crystal Cavern #1. To my utter disbelief and joy, letters poured in for me to do more... Well, eleven years later, after endless requests, I've strung all 37 of my stories together into two volumes, and here is the result! I still can't believe you want this, but believe me, I'm deeply honoured. Oh! If only my long suffering school teachers could have witnessed all this! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for supporting me, as I try to keep alive the memory of a TV show that touched our hearts and opened our eyes, to see below the surface, to the good in everyone. I hope you'll have as much please reading them, as I had writing then. -- Gwen Lord.

Issue 1

Once Upon a Time 1

Issue 2

Once Upon a Time 2