Old School X Interview: Rae

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Title: Old School X Interview: Rae
Interviewer: Lilydale
Interviewee: Rae
Date(s): February 09, 2021
Medium: online, Tumblr
Fandom(s): The X-Files
External Links: at lilydalexf; archive link
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Old School X Interview: Rae was conducted by Lilydale as part of the series Old School X Interview Series.

Some Topics Discussed

  • being a lurker

From the Interview

What do you think of when you think about your X-Files fandom experience? What did you take away from it?

I had a great experience with the X-Files fandom! I made some fantastic friends - many even attended my wedding! I didn’t really get involved in the dramas that went on. I was aware of it, but really, I just wanted to discuss my show with people that loved it like I did and read the fic, so I ignored all the other static.


What is your relationship like now to X-Files fandom?

I often feel like a wallflower at a party. I’m on the fringe, looking in to see what’s going on. I don’t bother anyone and most people don’t even know I’m there. Every now and then I’ll send feedback on a story, or I might even participate in a random discussion, but I feel it’s a little more difficult these days without the chatrooms and discussion boards. Following people on tumblr or twitter and trying to engage in those platforms is more awkward since it feels so much more personal. It’s like I’m intruding on someone’s personal space. Or having to scroll through non-fandom stuff to find the fic. The message boards were a more even playing field I guess? It’s hard to explain.

When I’m hardcore searching for something…anything to read, I’ll refer to “The Classics” list. There are still many on there I haven’t read.

I miss ephemeral.


Do your friends and family know about your fic and, if so, what have been their reactions?

My husband is crazy supportive and tries to convince me to write again All. The. Time. I never hid my XF obsession from anyone, but I don’t think I told many people about my writing.


Do you ever still watch The X-Files or think about Mulder and Scully?

I do. A couple of years after the original run was over, I lost a dear friend (met because of XF) and then later I had my first baby and life just got busy in a very different way so I fell out of the fandom and just dropped all of it.

And then there was the revival. I waited until all episodes aired and then binge-watched them. And I did the same with season 11, but waited about 6 mos after it aired to watch it, rewatching the whole series from the beginning, first.

But now I turn it on a few times a week while I’m folding laundry or making dinner or some other chore. It’s nice to have it on in the background because I don’t have to pay close attention because I know what’s going to happen. I’ve actually watched the whole series a few times this way.