Old School X Interview: Dawn

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Old School X Interview: Dawn
Interviewer: Lilydale
Interviewee: Dawn (Dawn, sunrise, SunnyD, Dawnsunrise)
Date(s): October 13, 2020
Medium: online, Tumblr
Fandom(s): The X-Files
External Links: at lilydalexf; archive link
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Old School X Interview: Dawn was conducted by Lilydale as part of the series Old School X Interview Series.

Some Topics Discussed

  • the joy of feedback, even when its for very, very old fanfic
  • the joys of meeting fans in person
  • revealing one's fannish life

From the Interview

Does it surprise you that people are still interested in reading your X-Files fanfics and others that were posted during the original run of the show (1993-2002)?

It does, in a really wonderful way. It’s always an unexpected pleasure to get a feedback email out of the blue from someone telling me they have either just discovered one of my stories or have gone back and reread one. It NEVER gets old. To hear that characters and stories I created back then are still “alive” and entertaining people is a great feeling.

What do you think of when you think about your X-Files fandom experience? What did you take away from it?

I have a very strong memory of the first time I actually connected in person with other X-Files fans. A few of us who had only interacted online arranged to meet up at a fan convention. It was awesome! Being with other people who were as obsessed with the show as I was, who loved attending discussion panels and watching episodes, and talking about fanfiction - our own and others’ we’d read - was a whole new experience and so much fun. That sense of community, of shared passion for something, is what fuels so many great connections in fandom, and it’s given me a group of friends I still meet up with for a long weekend when we can make it happen.


Do your friends and family know about your fic and, if so, what have been their reactions?

Most of my close friends and family do. They find it fascinating and funny. And they know it led to me getting into my writing and editing career, so that whole story is great at parties.