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Pairing: Derek "Nursey" Nurse/William "Dex" Poindexter
Alternative name(s): Nurseydex
Gender category: m/m
Fandom: Check Please!
Canonical?: no (as of May 20, 2017)
Prevalence: small
Archives: AO3 pairing Derek "Nursey" Nurse/William "Dex" Poindexter
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Nurseydex is the pairing name portmanteau of the characters Derek Nurse and William Poindexter in the webcomic Check Please! on Tumblr.


The tumblr tag for the pairing is nurseydex

AO3 pairing tag is Derek "Nursey" Nurse/William "Dex" Poindexter


  • As of October 2017, there are 1200+ works for the pairing on AO3.

Characterisation of Nursey

  • Nursey is a character of color, with different headcanons around about his exact ethnic heritage (he is often written as biracial).
  • He went to Andover, so is probably economically privileged, and may be portrayed as somewhat pretentious or hipster-ish.
  • abominableobriens has written about Nursey's possible BPD, and how this relates to his canonical focus on "chill"
  • His focus on "chill" also likely relates to his experiences as a Black man in the USA
  • He is also known for being clumsy off the ice, e.g. #NurseyPatrol

Characterisation of Dex

  • Dex is white, red-haired, and from a less economically privileged background - other characters mention in the comic about his efforts to save money, and there are other class markers seen in the comic.
  • He talks about fishing in the summer
  • He knows how to fix a washing machine and other plumbing/DIY skills

Notable Fanworks