Numb3rs Big Bang

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Name: Numb3rs Big Bang
Date(s): 2010
Type: Big Bang
Fandom: Numb3rs
Associated Community: numb3rs_bigbang (LiveJournal)
URL: Master List 2010
Numb3rs Big Bang.png
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Numb3rs Big Bang was a Big Bang challenge in 2010.


cover by maerhys47

The Answer Is You by hunters_retreat (Don/Charlie, mentions of Larry/Megan - slash & het). Word Count: 25,000. The cover art is by maerhys47.

Summary.Charlie Eppes is the best selling author of The Attraction Equation, a book that makes finding the perfect partner a science. Of course, his own love life hasn’t been that eventful. What happens when someone obsessed with Charlie does the math and comes up with his own idea of who Charlie’s soul mate is? Can the team get to them in time before Don and Charlie’s relationship is altered beyond repair? And once they escape, can they ever be free of their captor's voice, telling them to take what they want and never let go?
banner by mercilynn

Batman and Robin by never_again_j (cast - gen) Word Count: 22k

Summary. Set after season 4 episode 1 “Trust Metrix”. AU after that. It’s a Colby Granger centric fic, exploring his relationship with David and Don (mostly) and with additional appearance of other characters. Colby takes the DC job, but before he is able to leave, an unexpected situation happens, putting him in danger again. Now, while Colby's life hangs in balance, the rest of the team comes to terms with what agent Granger means to them, but it all may be too late.
Artist: mercilynn
cover art by emmademarais

Blood and Gold by zuben_eschamali (Don/Liz, Megan/Larry, Colby/OFC - het). Word Count: 104,000

Summary. Don's team might be back together after Colby's return, but are they really all in the same place? As a new case threatens them in more ways than one, they have to work on trusting each other again and showing the rest of the FBI that they still have what it takes to bring in the bad guys and keep themselves safe from a variety of threats, some from the outside and some from within. An AU take on Season Four, featuring angst, action, and romance, roughly in that order.
Artist: emmademarais
cover by mustangcandi

Brother Mine (cast - gen). Fictrailer and cover art are by mustangcandi.

Connect the Dots by jolinarjackson (hint of Charlie/Amita canon pre-relationship, cast - gen). Word Count: 28,450

Summary: While helping Don out with a case against the drug lord JM, Charlie gets hit by a car. When it’s becoming clear that the accident was in fact an attack, Don worries for Charlie’s life. A race against the clock begins, loyalties are questioned and Charlie has to fight his very own demons.
Artist: prairie_city

Lucky by prairie_city (canon pre-relationship Charlie/Amita, cast - het, gen). Word Count: 24,500

Summary: AU. Don and Charlie never got on better terms with each other. Charlie occasionally helps out with cases, but both brothers essentially remain on their own ends of the spectrum - Charlie at his chalkboards, and Don in the field. Until Charlie steps into the FBI office for the first time on the day that Alec Shane went on his shooting spree, with an AU look at what could have happened. Critically injured, Charlie’s recovery is slow and painful, and Don, who is also suffering from the trauma of that day, finds himself becoming closer to his brother than ever before.
Artist: cpwatcher

Man In Motion by bluflamingo (Some Colby/David - slash, AU). Word Count: 23,000

Summary. When the offer to transfer to Washington after the spy thing comes through, Colby decides, not completely un-influenced by a certain other person, to take it, hoping it will be a good way to put everything that happened in LA behind him. Washington, though, doesn't prove to be all that easy, even without the shadow of his time as a spy hanging over him, and the freedom he's finally got to be himself isn't turning out quite like he always imagined it would. Plus, he's mostly failing to leave LA behind, between Megan's friendship and Amita's and Charlie's math smarts. It's only a matter of time before something gives
Artist: fanarts_series
movie poster by mustangcandi

Sin by emmademarais (Megan/James Grace, Colby/Gabriel Ruiz, David/Olivia, David/Claudia, Matt/Oswald, Robin/OMC, Terry/OMC, Millie/OFC -het & slash). Word Count: 28K

Summary: Taking over as CEO of a business is hard as a woman, but harder when it's a front for a major crime syndicate
Artist: mustangcandi

Some Rain Must Fall (Colby Granger/Ian Edgerton - slash). Word Count: 28,617

Summary. When Colby's mother is diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, he is forced to return home, where the ghosts of his past threaten to wreck his future with Ian.
Artist: munchkinofdoom