Notes from the Underground (Tour of Duty zine)

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Title: Notes from the Underground
Publisher: Notes Press & Knightwriter Press
Medium: CD
Fandom: Tour of Duty
Language: English
External Links: zine info (Notes from the Underground website)
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Notes from the Underground is a 175-page anthology of gen and slash fiction on a CD.

Summary from the website [1]: "CD label and jewelcase design by stompy sara. Additional art by Theban Band.

Pairings include: Goldman/Anderson, Goldman/McKay, McKay/Hockenbury, Percell/Hockenbury. 1967, Vietnam, where every day could be your last. Stories of Bravo Company’s intense friendships amid the horrors of war, friendships which sometimes become something deeper... Includes character bios, background info, photo galleries, video stills, wallpaper and photo manip art, Yahoo skins. Exclusive to this zine, a collection of 45 candid stills of cat, crew and sets from the second season."

  • 'Complicated Shadows' by Buzz
  • 'It's the Small Things' by Creed Cascade
  • 'Punishments' by Creed Cascade
  • 'Lost and Found' by Creed Cascade and TJ
  • 'Perspective' by DC
  • 'Rain' by DC
  • 'Rediscovery' by DC
  • 'Figurin' It Out' by Jaz
  • 'Suicide Missions' by Kallie
  • 'And I Believe' by Major Brat
  • 'Relearning' by Major Brat
  • 'Reprimand' by Major Brat
  • 'Seems Like Old Times' by Mel
  • 'Anytime, Anywhere: Army Jeep PWP' by Meryn
  • 'Old and New Habits' by Meryn
  • 'Searching Soul' by SassyInkPen
  • 'Soul Searching' by SassyInkPen
  • 'Rough Boys' by witchbaby
  • Poetry by Major Brat, SassyInkPen, and Sonja