Not Safe with Anybody Else

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Title: Within Reach
Author(s): telesilla
Date(s): February 2008
Length: Word Count: 1,543
Genre: slash
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
External Links: online here

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Not Safe with Anybody Else is a Stargate Atlantis John/Ronon story by telesilla.

Reactions and Reviews

Why this must be read: I kinda love stuff set during or just after "Conversion", but I promise to rec other things eventually. But for now, there's this. It's just exactly how John was feeling during the ep, and man, I love Ronon so much. For all that he's portrayed as a big strapping lad with a big gun - sometimes I think he's the smartest and most emotionally centered of the whole team, which considering his past says something about how awesome he is. And he continues to be not stupid in this story. Really I couldn't imagine it with anyone other than Ronon. <3 [1]


  1. rec at Crack Van, March 2008