None So Blind (Blake's 7 story by Jennifer Hurley)

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Title: None So Blind
Author(s): Jennifer Hurley
Date(s): 1990
Fandom: Blake's 7
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None So Blind is a Blake's 7 Blake/Avon story by Jennifer Hurley.

It was published in Avon Calling #1.

Reactions and Reviews

For reasons that remain obscure, Cally decides that Blake, currently her lover, needs to sleep with another man. When the crew visits a pleasure planet, she talks Avon into posing as a sex worker, blindfolding Blake and making love to him, with predictably disastrous results. The language is ungainly - at the moment of orgasm, described from Blake's blindfolded point of view, 'he released tenacious white ribbons of semen across the bedspread' - and the writer covers important developments in a single paragraph and then records long conversations about peripheral details. Avon's motivations are as obscure as Cally's and the story as a whole neither fits into the series nor departs from it in any radical or provocative sense.[1]
Nova accurately represents this plot in her review, so I won't repeat it, but I will say that it's deeply bizarre. What she doesn't mention is that Blake falls in love with the silent man he never sees and swears to Avon that he will go back and discover who this man is and live together in happiness forever. Then he realises it's Avon, and feels betrayed. The end. Nothing about this story makes sense, though I actually really like the idea of Avon pretending to be someone else so he can have sex with Blake. That's a good idea, but it's not a good idea for Cally to have. And in my version it would have played out very differently.[2]


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