Noise (due South story)

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due South Fanfiction
Title: Noise
Author(s): estrella
Genre: slash
Fandom: due South
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Noise is a RayV/RayK, Fraser/RayK story by estrella.

Reactions and Reviews

In the dS fandom, there is a divide between the angst (including hurt/comfort) and the happy (ranging from realism to schmoop). Being true to canon means not forgetting that the show has its dark side. Some stories take one from angst to happy ever after. And some just leave you knowing that eventually most pain heals. This story is in that latter category: there's pain, but there's healing, too. I also love the police stuff in the beginning. Too many writers have the guys working as detectives, but the reader never gets the feeling that they are working detectives. [1]


  1. ^ 2004 rec at Crack Van by raveninthewind