No Name

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due South Fanfiction
Title: No Name
Author(s): Lucy Hale
Genre: gen
Fandom: due South
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No Name is a Due South story by Lucy Hale (fan).

Reactions and Reviews

To adapt the WC Fields quip, "Never work with children, animals, or Due South minor characters." Due South had a rich array of distinctly quirky supporting characters and if Fraser and the Rays hadn't been so captivating, the minor characters just might have stolen the show (and Dief did for some fans I got into the show). This story focuses on Huey and Dewey when Dewey's abused childhood past catches up to him and he turns out not to be, well, Dewey. Their banter is captured wonderfully throughout the story and in particular the opening is perfectly paced. Fraser and Kowalski are involved because there are no secrets in a police station, the Feds are involved because, obviously, if people aren't who they say they are in Due South, you know the Feds are involved, and Welsh is involved because he's Welsh. The story nicely balances the over-the-top humor combined with serious situations the show did beautifully. [1]


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