No Limits

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Title: No Limits
Creator: Cynatnite
Date: 2004-2005
Format: CD
Music: see below
Genre: slash and gen
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch

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No Limits is a song vid collection by Cynatnite and agented by Agent With Style.

The distributor's summary: "A collection of funny, heartwarming and intriguing Starsky & Hutch song vids by Cynatnite, on a CD that will play in any computer and most DVD players. For her first collection, Cyn shows her wicked sense of humor and her passion for the Blond Blintz and Curly, as well as her ability to pick the perfect clip for each moment of each song."

CD 1 (2004)

  • "Addicted to Love" Robert Palmer
  • "Hello Again" Neil Diamond
  • "Low Rider" War
  • "Mad World" Gary Jules
  • "Nature Boy" Celine Dion
  • "Serenity" Godsmack
  • "She Drives Me Crazy" Fine Young Cannibals
  • "Sunrise" Simply Red
  • "Sway" Dean Martin
  • "When Doves Cry" Prince
  • "You Must Love Me" Madonna

CD 2 (2005)

  • "Addicted" Enrique Iglesias
  • "Ain True Love" Alison Krauss
  • "Beautiful in My Eyes" Joshua Kadison
  • "Broken" Seether (featuring Aimee Lynn)
  • "Careless Whisper" Wham
  • "Getting Away with Murder" Papa Roach
  • "Hysteria" Def Leppard
  • "We Belong" Pat Benatar
  • "When I'm Gone" Three Doors Down
  • "World Outside" The Devlins