Nile Freeman Week

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Name: Nile Freeman Week
Date(s): September 2020
Fandom: The Old Guard
Associated Community:
URL: Nile Freeman Week (archived link)
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Nile Freeman Week was an event celebrating Nile Freeman, the newest member of The Old Guard. It took place from September 6-12, 2020 on Tumblr.

Prompts were included for visual creators (gif-makers, editors, and artists) as well as writers. The moderator of the event requested that participants tag their creations #nileweek2020 so that they could be reblogged and recirculated on the official event Tumblr. Not all contributions posted to Tumblr were included on the official event blog by the moderator.

The moderator did not create an AO3 collection for this event, but encouraged participants to tag AO3 content as “Nile Freeman Week 2020″.


Promps for gif-makers/editors/artists:

  • Favorite Nile Outfit (September 6)
  • Favorite Nile Relationship (September 7)
  • Favorite Nile Fight Scene (September 8)
  • Favorite Nile Weapon (September 9
  • Favorite Nile Dialogue (September 10)
  • Favorite Nile Closeup (September 11)
  • Free Choice (September 12)

Prompts for writers:

  • Nile + Love (September 6)
  • Nile + Sadness (September 7)
  • Nile + Alone Time (September 8)
  • Nile + Comfort (September 9)
  • Nile + Identity (September 10)
  • Nile + Death (September 11)
  • Free Choice (September 12)

Submission Rules

Moderators also provided clarification on the types of fanworks they would not be reblogging:

As a clarification, this blog will not be condoning, supporting, or reblogging harmful work. This includes work that:

  • perpetuates racism, misogny, homophobia, transphobia, etc.
  • glorifies abuse, assault, incest, pedophilia, etc.
  • promotes bigotry in any way

Submissions including heavy topics are allowed, provided they are not glorified and are handled appropriately. NSFW content is permitted so long as it does not include the above listed issues and is properly marked as NSFW/smut.

Please trigger/filter tag your works to keep each other safe, as this is a community event. This blog will be properly trigger/filter tagging content reblogged for the safety of participients.

Thank you, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.[1]

Archives & Links


  1. ^ Clarification posted by nilefreemanweek, August 24 2020.