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Synonyms: Neighbours AU, Apartment Neighbors AU, Flat Neighbors AU
Related: Alternate Universe, Canon Divergence AU
See Also: Roommates AU
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Neighbors AU is a fanfic trope fairly common in various fandoms, where the stories are in a universe where a group of characters or at least two characters are next door to each other in a house or an apartment complex. This was probably influenced by Boy/Girl Next Door trope, where characters who lived next door to each other fall in love. Thus this AU is often used as a way to get a pairing together.

Neighbors AU is often mixed with another alternate universe trope such as Modern AU, especially for fandoms that are supernaturally incline, historical or futuristic.

Fanworks Examples

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The 100


  • Honey, Just Keep Buzzin' by smileybagel, "We'll put an ad up in the paper or something, or on Craigslist. Can't be that hard to find a roomie without a bee allergy." They could've gotten another cramped apartment for around the same price, but Vaughn had seen the ad for their new house and couldn't believe the asking price. The great deal on the place? Well the guy next door was a huge dick to everyone when he was home, and his presence drove the property value around him down. But he paid everything on time and in full, so nothing could be done about it. The neighbors couldn't even call the local authorities because nothing this Mr. Lawrence did could be even considered disrupting the peace, he was just incredibly unpleasant. (Handsome Jack/Rhys)

The Flash (CW)

  • Tumbling Together by RedHead, When Barry and Len discover that they’ve accidentally become neighbors, they learn to navigate their new living situation amongst misunderstandings and a surprising amount of common ground. (Barry/Leonard)


  • My Mother's Obsession With Pies by Kate. You see, many of us are of the opinion that new neighbours equate to contact with a random young, good-looking neighbours son (I, myself, am still praying for this equation to work). (Taylor Hanson/OFC, one of the most popular examples of a highly popular AU in early Hanson fanfic)

One Direction