Naxian Wine

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Title: Naxian Wine
Author(s): baranduin
Date(s): December 2004
Length: 1146 words
Genre: missing scenes
Fandom: Mary Renault
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Naxian Wine is a Mask of Apollo story by baranduin. It was originally written for Yuletide 2004 for Artaxastra.

The story takes the form of a letter from Thettalos to Niko while he is away from Athens touring with a different company from the one run by Nikeratos. Thettalos writes about his work in the theatre and reminisces about the time he and Niko spent together in the past. How much he misses his lover (and his lover’s discussions of Platonic philosophy) is revealed in the letter.


Comments by readers include:

  • It's absolutely lovely! How beautiful! I like the letter form -- it seems very in keeping with the style of the book, and really very much in character. Thank you so much for this wonderful story based on one of my favorite books!Artaxastra
  • It's very Renault, especially in theme, Thettalos laughingly chiding Nikos over the eternal issue of body and soul, base and lofty, carnal and spiritual. The images really captured me, especially moments like "just as our garlands clung to our brows while we loved each other".Dorinda