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Name: Nachtschule
Dates: 2004 - current
Type: interactive fansite
Fandom: Zamonien novels by Walter Moers
URL: Nachtschule
Nachtschule Klassenbuch.jpg
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Die Nachtschule (English: night school) is a German interactive fansite for fans of the Zamonien (English: Zamonia) novels by Walter Moers.

It is modelled after Dr. Abdul Nachtigaller's school in the book "Die 13½ Leben des Käpt'n Blaubär" (The 13½ Lives of Captain Bluebear), only in the online version there is no teacher and the students teach themselves. Every month two to four questions are asked in different Zamonian subjects. The students can publicly submit (made-up) answers and the best answers, where "best" is judged arbitrarily, receive points. Students have to choose a Zamonian species for their "character" when they enroll, and many answers take the form of RP. With a certain amount of points students climb the academic ladder and until they finally "graduate". Reaching the higher levels is rewarded with t-shirts.

In addition to the questions the site has a chat room that is occasionally used for Roleplaying.