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Name: The NYC Newsgirls' Union
Date(s): March 1999 -
Founder: Maria Hanton/Goldie
Fandom: Newsies
URL: The NYC Newsgirls' Union, alt (old link)
The Newsgirls' Master List
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The NYC Newsgirls' Union was the main organized community of Newsies lodging house websites until the death of GeoCities.

Once the first lodging house became full, more and more were created to accomodate the number of people wanting to join, and the once lone house for newsgirls became several, and hence the Newsgirls Union was formed. Now the Union has grown to not only a center for Newsies fan fiction, but has now encompassed all aspects of historical fiction pertaining to the relative time period of Newsies (1899). But the Newsgirls Union is not only a place for stories to be posted. Yes, that is an ideal part of it, but not everything. The Union is an actual community of people, where each writer has a specific newsgirl character and profile. That character stays and lives at the lodging house they have joined. Most of the lodging houses have chats in which that character (as well as any other characters that the writer has in their story, or a newsboy character) can be played, so other people in the Union can meet him/her.

Brieana Garner[1]

How did the Union get started? Well, Goldie (Maria Hanton in real life) came up with the lodging house concept for the internet (see "A Short History" below). She invented the Lower East Side lodging house. Then came Midtown. Then, Spitfire (a quite renowned Newsies fan-fictionalist) decided to do the same, except in the Bronx. Then Harlem appeared. Then the entire "Newsieverse" as we call it exploded with girls wanting to open lodging houses. And so we formed "The Newsgirls Union" as a collection of all the lodging house leaders so that we could have one medium between us and keep everything under control.

Newsgirls' Union[2]

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This site has gone into hiding.


-because I don't see the trivialty in keeping up with a fascist fucking writing circle.

-because I don't want any of you stealing my stuff.

-because the New York Newsgirls Union sucks a big hairy cock'n'balls.

-because I said so.

L. T. Brooks[3]


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