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You may be looking for n!, the multifandom anthology.

Name: N (N (エヌ))
Occupation: Pokémon Trainer
Relationships: Ghetsis (stepfather/guardian)
Fandom: Pokémon
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N is a character in the Pokémon franchise who first appeared in the Generation V games. He serves as a third rival to the player throughout the course of Black and White, sometimes considered the true rival as opposed to childhood friends Cheren and Bianca. He is something of an antagonist, but not necessarily in a cruel way as he is presented as somewhat complex and has a different end goal; instead of simply wanting to make the world over in his image, he wants Pokemon to be treated fairly. He is the "king" of the villainous group Team Plasma, but it is later revealed that the real leader and his father Ghetsis used him to carry out Ghetsis's own whims of taking over the world. When the truth is revealed to him, he leaves Unova to find himself and returns with purpose and determination in the sequel games.

Since his debut in Pokemon Black and White, he has been a popular character in fanworks. He is widely loved and almost worshipped for being not only an attractive character, but extremely complex and deep with a tragic story and a determination to accept his past while still moving forward.

He is often paired with Hilda (Touko), the female player character, though the male player character Hilbert (Touya) is a popular ship for him as well.


There have been a lot of theories and headcanons about the character, expanding on what's shown in the game.

N as Ghetsis's victim

Some fans believe that because Ghetsis was a horrible father, he must have beaten and/or sexually abused N on top of manipulating and lying to him. There is no evidence to support this in-game, however, so this fanon is based purely on kink.

N the manchild

N is sometimes portrayed as being a child in a teenage/young adult body due to his naivete and the glimpse of his old room, filled with toys. His theme and childlike attachment to Pokemon as his "friends" are also cited as reasons for this fanon.

N the vegetarian

Because of his attachment to Pokemon and general "hippie" nature, fans often portray him as refusing to eat meat.

N the test tube baby

Before Black 2 and White 2 revealed the truth about his connection to Ghetsis, it was theorized that N was the 14th in a series of failed test tube children made by Ghetsis in order to create the perfect "King" of Team Plasma.

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