My Loverman

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Title: "My Loverman"
Creator: oneofaradia
Date: April 30, 2008
Length: 03:59
Music: "My Loverman" by Bruce Springsteen
Genre: slash, Jim/Blair
Fandom: The Sentinel
Footage: original course material
*Direct Link on YouTube
*Vidder's YouTube Page

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"My Loverman" is a The Sentinel vid by oneofaradia. It is a slash vid with the pairing of Jim/Blair. It was created for Magician113, who "purchased" the vidder's services in exchange for a donation to the Moonridge Auction. This auction is an annual event that supports The Moonridge Zoo, Big Bear, California. The organization rescues displaced wild animals and it is supported by Garett Maggart, the actor who played Blair Sandburg.


This vid was recommended by Magician113 on Crack Van on June 26, 2009:
"I’ve often said that the Moonridge auction brings out the best of authors and artists. This is a prime example. Two years ago, Oneofaradia was an accomplished vidder, but almost exclusively in Stargate SG-1. She offered to make either an SG1 or TS vid, and I won her services. I wanted a Bruce Springsteen song and I wanted our guys together. A tall order, since Bruce tends toward songs that are full of het relationships. My Loverman is a surprising exception. In her capable mind and hands, Oneofaradia shows the song to best advantage by using SenToo clips. Perfect, because the song refers to partner betrayal, hurt, anger, forgiveness and resolution. This isn’t one of your typical happy go lucky vids, but it is quite worthy of a CV rec and a look-see. Enjoy. (And don't forget feedback if you do!)"
"I've always loved Bruce Springsteen's haunting ballads and this one is no exception. He writes songs that are almost exclusively het, so this song is rare. Amy (oneofaradia) also rarely does Sentinel vids, creating almost exclusively in Stargate. Happily, I won her talent at Moonridge last year, so she put her efforts towards making a Boss vid revolving around my favorite pairing. The strong love song with bittersweet overtones is coupled mostly with clips of the Sen Too episodes, to great effect."[1]


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