My Little Pony Tales

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Name: My Little Pony Tales
Abbreviation(s): MLPTales, Tales
Creator: Terry Lennon, Roger Slifer
Date(s): August 2 – December 25, 1992
Medium: television series
Country of Origin: United States / Canada
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My Little Pony Tales was the second animated series in the My Little Pony franchise.


My Little Pony Tales was a complete departure from the first series. While the original focused on magical adventures, Tales placed its main characters in a slice-of-life format where they went to school and dealt with everyday problems most preteens did. The most explicit difference was the existence of male ponies: an arrogant jock, a sullen bully, and a gentle bookworm. Romances and love triangles were commonplace.


The series was fairly popular in its heyday, but reception was generally split. Those who watched the first cartoon series hated the shift from adventures to everyday school lives, and some recent Bronies found it boring and shallow compared to Friendship is Magic due to the focus on romantic entanglements and school problems. In spite of this, however, the show has small but devoted following.

A major trend among fans, especially fanfic writers, is to flesh out the characters based on their canon traits and implied backstories. It's extremely popular to assume bad-boy Teddy came from an abusive background, for example, or that genius Bright Eyes's mother is either dead or divorced from her father.


As romance was a big factor in the show, it's even bigger in the fandom. Not only are the "canon" pairs common to write for, but Ace/Teddy is an extremely popular slash ship. The most popular het pairings were Starlight/Ace, Melody/Ace, Teddy/Sweetheart, and Bright Eyes/Lancer.

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