My Brother, My Brother and Me

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Name: My Brother, My Brother and Me
Abbreviation(s): MBMBaM
Creator: the McElroy Brothers
Date(s): April 12, 2010 - Present
Medium: Podcast, TV series
Country of Origin: USA
External Links: Maximum Fun, McElroy Official Site
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My Brother, My Brother and Me, abbreviated as MBMBaM, is a comedy advice podcast in which three brothers (Justin, Travis, and Griffin) answer questions submitted by anonymous listeners or found on Yahoo! Answers. Yahoo Answers questions are also sent on by listeners, and fans whose Yahoo Answers submissions are often read on the podcast are given nicknames by the brothers.

In 2017, the show was adapted into a 6-episode TV show which premiered on NBC's online streaming service Seeso. Seeso went defunct in November of 2017, and the TV show can now be found for free on VRV and iTunes.

The show is distributed by the Maximum Fun network, which also hosts several of the other podcasts produced by the extended McElroy network, which includes parents, spouses, siblings-in-law and friends.

The Fandom

The podcast has always relied on fan interaction: the brothers only have things to talk about because listeners send them their questions. The McElroys are very interactive with fans on Twitter, and an active Facebook group for fans of the show has been around since the show's beginning.

The MBMBaM fandom exists as a part of the larger fandom of McElroy family content. Members of the fandom often adopt the unique phrases and mannerisms used by the brothers on the show into their own speaking habits.

Running Jokes and Terminology

Most McElroy shows feature many running jokes. Some of the most prominent jokes in MBMBaM include:

  • Goofs. In McElroy content, a goof is a joke or skit. The term is used extremely frequently (e.g. nearly every episode) and has been adopted into fan terminology.
  • The McElroy brothers have a tendency to call everything, regardless of gender, a boy (this extends to inanimate objects). The term usually carries a connotation of innocence or sweetness, and is an integral part of McElroy related conversation.
  • The Clown Box. Fans were horrified at the implications of Griffin, who is considered to be a 'sweet soft boy' by the fandom, creating a murderous clown box.[1] There is a lot of fanart and discussion about the clown box,[2] and it remains one of the biggest goofs in the MBMBAM fandom.
  • Ranchos. In the freely avaliable first episode of the MBMBAM tv show, the focus was on rebranding Tarantulas as 'Ranchos' to improve their image. This was immediately taken on by fans, who created fanart about their Rancho parade, and have adopted the term 'Rancho' into common use.[3]

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