My Best Friend

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Title: My Best Friend
Creator: Jessica Tominez
Date(s): 2010
Medium: song composed and performed by a fan
Fandom: Kirk/Spock, Star Trek: TOS
External Links: here on You Tube
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My Best Friend is an original composition composed and performed by Jessica Tominez.

Reactions and Reviews

I learned about the song when Lindsay posted it to her Spock/Kirk fanpage on Facebook and I‘m very grateful that she introduced it to us. The song can be found on youtube and I can recommend it highly. "My best friend" by Jessica Tominez – a fangirl like us as it seems - is a wonderful K/S Song sung by a talented singer. She performs it with so much emotion and depth that it warms my heart and makes me smile each single time I hear it. And it does so still although I‘ve heard it by now like fifty times. I truly love it. The song has been written from Kirk‘s POV and the lyrics are sweet, witty and very fitting. They speak of how important Spock is to Kirk and how he dreams about this splendid creature who for he‘d do anything. Aah, course he would! Teaser lyric lines: "Don‘t shut your eyes, I need them wide open to see the words that are unspoken." "My best friend, my favourite Vulcan - I‘d do anything for you. My best friend, my favourite Vulcan. And I know you would too..." Being still relatively new to the English speaking fandom I unfortunately don‘t know too many K/S songs at all – actually only two, including "My Best Friend". The other one is For the Needs of the One which I love deeply. Together now, with one song from Spock‘s perspective and one from Spock‘s, my personal K/S world shines even more. I hope you‘ll like the song too! [1]


  1. ^ from The K/S Press #170