Music I Heard With You

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Title: Music I Heard With You
Publisher: Ceiling Press
Author(s): Claire Gabriel
Cover Artist(s): Rosalie Blazej
Date(s): May 1990
Series?: Yes
Medium: print
Genre: het
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Music I Heard With You.jpg

Music I Heard With You is a sequel to Simple Gifts, a Spock/OFC het novel by Claire Gabriel. It was published in 1990, contains 98 pages and reuses the Simple Gifts cover by Rosalie Blazej. The novella is subtitled: Blacktower 2: Simple Gifts Continued (listing Simple Gifts as 'Blacktower 1" in the series).

From the author's introduction:
Before I started writing this story, I thought it was a "sequel" to Simple Gifts. I know now that Music I Heard With You is part of Simple Gifts, which is incomplete without it. There is a good possibility that this story may be a little hard to follow if you don't know how it all began. My advice would be to read Simple Gifts before you read Music I Heard With You....This volume is a sequel to Blacktower I: Simple Gifts. the first volume in the Blacktower series. I would like to assume that all readers of this zine have read Simple Gifts, but I know that's unrealistic. This introduction is for those who have not read it. Blacktower I spanned the years between the end of Star Trek's third season and The Wrath of Khan. It ended shortly after Spock's death in the engineroom of the Enterprise.


  • Part I - Refusion
    • "Music I Heard"
  • Part II - Rebirth
    • The stories in Part II all take place at the same time. They are concurrent, not consecutive
    • The Captain of the Bounty
    • The Keeper of the Katra
    • L'nara
    • Bondmate
  • Part III - Renewal
    • "And Bread I Broke"